Diverse, highly-qualified and multilingual

We grow and get better. Together

Our team has grown from a mere 25 to more than 150 full-time and part-time employees since 2010. The diversity of what we do and the career opportunities we offer have appealed to young and ambitious individuals from all walks of life, different countries and educational backgrounds.

We are proud of a diverse team with native speakers from countries like Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Poland, the USA, Hungary and France and nearly 90% of our staff have obtained degrees in fields varying from Economics and Finance, Business Administration, Law, Sociology, IT, Mathematics and Psychology, to Engineering and Medicine.

Being a part of a multi-lingual and multi-cultural team contributes to the personal and professional development of our employees. It's an enriching experience to be around and interact with people that not only speak a different language but have a different background, experience and mindset.

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