Credit Control

Cash flow is the lifeline of business. Every company is trying to make sure its customers are paying on time.

The recovery of business debt can be frustrating, time consuming and, in the end, still fail. Effective credit management policy and procedures are the key to getting paid on time. They help you identify potential bad debts early on and have the right people to do the job.

We can help you collect and minimize outstanding debt, with meticulous attention to detail and in line with KPI targets, while keeping a healthy relationship with customers.

Our credit controllers can:

  • Manage a ledger of customer accounts;
  • Chase outstanding payments by telephone, e-mail, fax and writing;
  • Chase for Direct Debit mandates;
  • Send out invoices, statements and chase letters;
  • Carry out credit checks;
  • Reduce the overall Days Sales Outstanding;
  • Cover every account in your ledger on a monthly basis.

We can:

  • Ensure the staff is familiar with the company’s credit policy;
  • Train staff in using your credit application form, as well as prepare, listen, question, persuade and negotiate;
  • Conduct regular credit checks on your main customers;
  • Record payment due dates;
  • Phone major accounts before payment due dateto ensure there are no disputes and payment is to be made on time;
  • Conduct an aged debt analysis;
  • Prioritise your collection activity and chase the highest values first;
  • Provide information for accurate cash flow forecasts;
  • Ensure customer accounts are reconciled on a regular basis.

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