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Accurate and well-documented

Custom Remote Support

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B2B agents
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Our personal qualities

All of our customer support specialists have been selected against a matrix of social and business skills, to ensure the prompt, courteous and efficient handling of every request.

Polite and professional response to e-mail and telephone inquiries.

Excellent written & oral communication skills.

Analytical, result-oriented and efficient.

Understand customer needs and propose the best solution.

Positive and energetic support with a proactive attitude.

Ability to handle pressure and quickly prioritize.

The primary function of our Customer Support is to resolve client issues and respond to various ad hoc inquiries. We strive to deliver timely solutions with a personal touch. Through carefully designed training programs, our dedicated professionals become an authentic extension of your company, mastering your portfolio of products and services, as well as history, values and culture, to provide knowledgeable, timely and efficient B2B and B2C services to your customers.

Because We CAN!

Record incoming requests

We can log and record support requests, prioritize and escalate as necessary.

Respond to inquiries

We can handle all incoming inquiries and requests in a timely and professional manner.

Outstanding issues

We can manage outstanding issues and keep clients up to date.

Customer satisfaction

We can guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction.

On time and on target

Whether your operations are focused on B2B, B2C, or a combination of the two, we are happy to provide relevant support.

If you decide to trust us with your customer support, we can guarantee that your clients will receive immediate, friendly and helpful attention on each and every ticket or request. We know your customers are your greatest asset and it's great customer service that makes them return. When they need to get in touch, we know they expect an outstanding level of support and nothing less.

We treat B2B and B2C differently

We do recognize the differences between B2B and B2C clients. We believe we have the right customer service approach and can respond to their different needs and expectations.

To ensure our success in both areas, we constantly seek to improve the current level of customer service and deliver a customer experience that's up to your own high standards.

End-users are typically looking for a specific product or service that meets an immediate need. They are usually the sole decision-maker and have a shorter timeline, smaller budget, and fewer customer service needs than business clients.

So to accommodate their needs, we are aiming for:

Timely response to client inquiries.

Address their motivation drivers directly.

A personal, human touch to communication.

Customer-centric communication channels.

Maximizing customer service reliability, availability and scalability.

Business customers, on the other hand, need solutions for their entire division or company. Their buying cycle is longer, their budgets are bigger, and they have higher expectations of personalized customer service.

With them we try to:

Identify and address client needs completely.

Successfully manage contacts within the client’s organizational structure.

Develop sustainable relationships based on respect.

Extend the focus beyond the immediate needs.

Always give something extra.

A process-centric approach to customer service.

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