Selection is focused and fair

Applicants are recruited solely on merit and their proven ability to fulfil the requirements for the advertised role. Resumes will generally be sourced by the HR department and forwarded to the respective Line Manager. First interviews are generally arranged by the HR team, and conducted by the Line Manager and a member of the HR team. Successful candidates will be made an offer or invited to a follow-up interview. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified either directly via email or via their agency.

We make sure that all vacancies are always advertised both internally and externally. We also try to cover a wide range of recruitment channels to get to the right candidates.

We work hard to get the best people

The communication channels we use:

  • we post vacancies at career sites – for initial screening we use low-cost options such as job sites like and;
  • we work with university career centers – along with using specialized career sites, we work closely with the career centers of the country's top universities, as well as with student associations abroad;
  • we participate at career fairs – we try to always be close to potential candidates in a less formal environment where we get the opportunity to build and develop strong ties with potential applicants;
  • we keep a database of successful candidates – we keep CVs, profiles and test results on file of all the candidates and contact them in case a suitable position should open;
  • talent seeking through social networks – our HR professionals take an individual approach and reach out to the most suitable candidates for a certain position by pro-actively engaging social networks;
  • employee referral – CXG encourages its employees to get involved in finding the right people to join the team by offering a “referral fee” (subject to qualifying criteria) for making a recommendation followed by a successful recruitment;
  • partnership with recruiting agencies – for certain positions we place the vacancies with recruitment / head hunting agencies.

Flexible and convenient

We are flexible in terms of employment agreement:


Long-term or more than a year-long agreement. Applies to both replacement vacancies and new positions.

Fixed-term Contract

Agreement term is between 3 and 12 months where the required duration is known to be of a fixed period.


Typically used for short term vacancies of less than 3 months.

Successful recruitment is about finding the right person, at the right time and at the right price.

That is why our staffing policy is compliant with labor legislation, recruitment ethics and the industry's best practices.

To find the best match for a job in the company, our HR department works closely with line managers, making sure we always meet their specific needs for the respective position. Our HR unit is making sure every recruitment process is properly logged and documented. The HR team writes all Job descriptions / personal requirements for every vacancy posted.

Hired. What's next?

Everybody gets the training they need. We at CXG care about employee development and skill-building.

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