What we do

Ten years ago, when CXG launched, we tried to combine the best of two worlds - outsourcing and the standard business model. This has been at the heart of our service since. We are committed to helping our clients optimize costs and streamline processes.

On the other hand, we let our partners run their own business and worry about nothing else. Our clients can choose to be directly involved in recruitment, place their own managers in each team, set KPI’s, do performance reviews and just be in charge where it matters.

See how our integrated BPO model is different and it works!

All-inclusive HR administration

From job postings to payroll & taxing

Getting our outsourcing partners directly involved in the staffing and set-up of their own project is a key and unique aspect of the service we offer. We can still save you plenty of time to get a feel of the local labor market and screen potential candidates. We make sure only the top applicants are short-listed for the final interview stage with line managers. Our team has extensive experience recruiting various profiles and we can focus our search on specific qualifications, education, technical skills, background and experience, based on our partners’ needs. We have a rich database of prospects to choose from.

To make sure we get the right people in the right positions, we do language tests and specific skill assessment, as required by certain positions: Excel, SQL, etc. We also run analytical and creative thinking assessment, as well as evaluation tests for middle and top-level management.

CXG carries the recruitment process through from the job description, reference checks, qualifications to short-listing candidates.

We handle payroll, contractual, all legal aspects of HR, taxing and benefits.

CXG is the single point of escalation in any employment disputes, including workplace discrimination claims and termination.

Technical set up & maintenance

We handle office space set-up and related services, such as set up and maintenance of all office equipment and facilities, including but not limited to workstations, IT equipment and peripherals, internal network and support; all hardware, software, connectivity and telecommunication infrastructure.

Client onboarding & data verification

To meet growing demand, we have strong experience in supplier on-boarding and data cleansing. We've worked on several projects involving updates and clean-up of contact databases, as well as guiding prospects and existing users through an on-boarding process.

On top of straightforward updates of existing database entries, we have experience collecting and verifying sensitive information such as last place of employment.

Need custom solutions?

We offer solutions that are tailored to your business objectives. Get in touch to discuss what works for you.

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