CXG is not your typical outsourcer

Back in 2009 we set out to find the sweet spot between outsourcing and a standard business model. We believe we bring the best of both worlds and help our clients optimise costs and streamline their process. We offer:

Recruitment & HR management.

Facilities, set up and maintenance.

IT equipment and support

Meanwhile, we let our partners manage their own business by helping them recruit the right people for key positions in each department. They manage the daily workflow, set the KPI’s, do performance reviews and identify training needs. We believe it's the failure to offer this level of involvement that puts the traditional outsourcing service providers at a disadvantage.

See how our integrated BPO model is different and it works!

Our Advantages

We now have a solution that lets our clients run their own business enjoying the advantages CXG can offer


Real opportunity to reduce overall costs and become more competitive.

Stress-free HR management

We deal with recruitment, accommodation, equipment and maintenance on behalf of our clients.


We are the first and only point of contact for client complaints or employment disputes.

Your managers on site

Our clients are free to make business and management decisions to best meet cost, revenue and strategic objectives;

Young & highly motivated team

Highly-qualified multi-lingual staff, including native speakers.

Head office in EU

Located in Sofia, within a couple of hours to most of Europe's business & transportation hubs.

24/7 operations

We guarantee smooth 24/7 operation all year round.

High security standards

We strictly follow our partners’ security guidelines.

All the technical infrastructure

We provide the equipment, network and related infrastructure.

Fast and secure Internet connection

A fast, secure and reliable internet connection with an independent backup line and 24/7 support.

Always-on power supply

We're always on with an independent backup power supply.

Controlled access to the premises

We can meet the highest security requirements of our clients.

Key figures,facts about CXG

Trustworthy partner

Trustworthy partner

Founded in 2009, outsourcing 3 business processes for OB10 Ltd., now Tungsten Network Ltd.

5 years of

5 years of experience

Supporting thousands of suppliers and buyers globally, including Fortune 100 companies

Focused on customer satisfaction

Focused on customer satisfaction

111 full-time client-service professionals

21 languages

21 languages

13 highly-qualified teams covering US, Latin America & Europe in 21 languages.

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