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One of the biggest challenges that all companies face nowadays is attracting skilled and qualified employees who can contribute to the achievement of the business goals. We work really hard to apply various tactics to bring the best talent on board. Understanding the trends and following the demands on the market, we are trying to cover a wide range of recruitment channels to reach the right candidates.
One of the channels we often rely on is participation in Career fairs. Such career events are a common recruitment channel that present several potential benefits to companies. What we really seek to achieve by participating in such events is:
  • connect with a large pool of potential employees
  • get close to well skilled candidates in a less formal environment
  • build and develop strong ties with potential applicants
  • meet candidates educated in specific subject areas
  • raise the awareness among potential candidates about our company’s mission
  • connect with young workers early on, before the best candidates go out into the broader job market
So you say you are actively looking for a job that suits you, meets your requirements and also challenge you to develop your skills, but more or less you struggle to find such? We are currently looking for new colleagues to join our team! If you feel like you would be a fit or if you have any doubts which career path to take, you will have the chance to meet our representative and discuss the possibilities for future cooperation at upcoming career events.
Please find more information in this section and remember to bring your CV, because we are waiting for you!

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