The purpose of life is to maximize our function of happiness every day, by analysing carefully the short-term and also the long-turn decisions that will contribute to this. We spend 5 days a week at the workplace which makes it one of the most important variables in the equation.

I've been part of CXG for more than 4 years and throughout this time I've always had the internal feeling that my job fulfils its part of my equation of happiness in the best possible manner.

The job itself is very interesting, dynamic and challenging, so you can never get bored. At the same time you are always improving your current knowledge, skills and abilities with all the training and self-development possibilities that the company offers.

The friendly office atmosphere and recognition provided by my colleagues and the management boosts my job satisfaction even higher. When you synergize all this with the perfect location (next to the West Park,  Mega Mall and 3 minutes from the Metro station), you understand what makes CXG the perfect place for every young, energetic, positive and proactive individual to develop him or herself in the modern world.

Atanas Mavrodiev
Service Delivery Manager

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