Stronger by the day

We started from scratch in a competitive market and grew fivefold in five years


CXG founded. We managed to beat some heavyweight competition to become the preferred business partner of OB10 Ltd., offering a custom BPO solution. In January 2010 we started operations with a staff of 23 in 3 teams.Our partnership with Tungsten Network has been constantly growing since. "We grow as our clients grow: the story behind OB10 becoming Tungsten Network."


Barely a year after launch, we doubled our staff: 44 employees in 8 different teams.


We worked on a project for Taulia Inc., a US based company providing easy-to-use solutions, tools and services that automate and optimize invoice, payment and discount management. Taulia wanted to grow its buyer client base in the US and Europe. They assigned CXG to have Taulia's clients' suppliers enrolled in the Vendor Portal. Taulia used our supplier on-boarding capacity and data cleansing of contact information for potential users of its web portal. We also provided assistance in guiding prospects and existing users through the on-boarding process at the web portal.


In 2014 we partnered with the RNN group, a US based company specialized in offering employment location and verification services. RNN assigned us to verify the place of employment and update contact details in a number of their client databases.


We hired our 100th employee, our full-time staff growing fivefold in 5 years.

We have 14 teams compared to only 3 when we started. To cover our expanding portfolio, we filled in some brand new positions such as customer service analysts, client program coordinators, and service delivery managers. Our support team now provides financial services and we've signed a couple of web and application support analysts.


We continued to grow - we started the year with 126 full-time employees, 16 different teams, including .NET professionals, Digital Marketing team, a big expansion of the Credit Control team and a Campaign Management team.

In March 2017, CXG became a member of the Global Sourcing Association.


Going forward, our short-term plan is to become ISO/IEC 27001 compliant and keep on adding more services and clients to our portfolio.

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