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This website WWW.CX-G.COM (the Website) is owned by the company “CXG Outsourcing” EOOD.
This policy aims to inform you what personal data the website is processing and what are your rights with respect to this.


What personal data does this website process?

This website uses functional web cookies which make it accessible to you. However, these cookies do not trace your Internet behavior.
The Website is using the following cookie:
has_js - The cookie is used by Drupal to identify weather JavaScript is available on the user’s side. It does not correspond to any user ID in the web application and does not store any personally identifiable information.


Your personal data rights

You can contact us at dpo@cx-g.com and request information about what personal data we process about you, request correction if it is not up-to-date or is misleading or object to the processing if you consider that your specific situation calls for it. You can ask us to delete the personal data we collect about you.
This policy will be updated if our personal data processing via the Website changes.


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