Training and career development

We believe that continuous training is essential to a company’s success. Training lets the company unlock and develop the potential of its people, encourage them to improve, adopt its values and share its goals.

We DO care about our people and support their development. We improve and advance together.

What we care about

Higher skills

Ongoing result-driven training to address employee weaknesses and bolster their strengths.

Improved employee performance

We can assist in all internal trainings, making sure all staff is aware of procedures and competent at various tasks. Ongoing training means your business and employees don’t fall behind the curve and perform at their best, at present and going forward.

Higher employee satisfaction

A rewarding workplace boosts employee satisfaction and confidence, which pays back in terms of motivation and performance.

Consistent results

By monitoring employee performance and identifying training needs, we make sure our staff meets the highest standards of qualification and experience.

The workplace is rapidly evolving, so we constantly invest in the potential of our people and reap the results:

  • increased performance and efficiency
  • improved quality of services and products
  • optimized costs
  • reduced need of direct supervision
  • more competitive service
  • loyalty and higher retention

We believe that the investment in people is what makes the difference between businesses and quality of service.

Soft skills

We deliver soft skills training to all our client-facing teams because we believe that good client service is not just about the subject matter, but also solid interpersonal and communication skills.

English language training

We believe that the quality of service should be consistent across the entire team. We try and build upon the soft skills training and further improve the communication skills of our staff. English language classes make sure that all the people in the company have roughly the same level of language proficiency.English B1 and B2 training for the employees with a different first foreign language. BEC Vantage and BEC Higher for the management.

The classes were held in modules, covering the essential aspects of business communication:

  • English for Emails
  • English for Phone
  • English for Customer Care.

To ensure a consistent level of language proficiency, we organize German and French classes too.

Management Development program

All managerial staff, including HR department and trainers, participate in the management development program:

  • Self-perception Inventory
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Relationship Management
  • The Manager as a developer of potential
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • HR training for non-HR Managers
  • Local employment legislation
  • Leadership.

The management team are encouraged to improve their people skills by taking part in relevant external training modules and events.

Other skills

As certain positions require specific sets of skills, we make sure our staff gets specialized training such as:

  • SQL training
  • PRINCE2 training
  • Financial modelling
  • Excel
  • SPSS

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