I've been part of the CXG team for more than three years and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. People sometimes ask me why and how so. In fact, in the four years before I came to CXG I changed four jobs in the same industry, with similar conditions. The big difference is the attitude of the line managers - there are bosses everywhere, but here I have co-workers, I would say friends. I spend 9 hours each day at the office, and if you add the two-hour commute, the figure becomes terrifying.

People everywhere in this industry are young, qualified, well-travelled or experienced living in foreign countries, ambitious and energetic. But unlike other similar companies, there is a mood at CXG. It's always nice to talk to people from other departments, a kind word and a smile go a long way here. The workplace spirit and the people make a great combination. On top of that, there are tangible goods such as frequent team-building events, bonuses and the office’s location (metro, park and a Mall).

We have people working here longer than me. Most of them will apparently agree.

Luybomir Vitkov
Support Representative
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